APV Mitchel 270Litre unidrive mixer parts (11DX type)

APV Mitchel 270Litre unidrive mixer parts (11DX type)

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Qty 1 x APV Mitchel (UK) 270litre unidrive mixer body (11DX copy type),

Original year of manufacture: 2008

2 wing rotors,

Throat size 35in x 15in (standard 11DX has 32in x 11.5in).

S.S.A. type dust seals (NEW/unused), 

Hydraulic drop door,

268 door top (33.5in)

This body has only been in operation for 1 year and has also been fitted with new SSA dust seals. It was fully checked and given a clean bill of health from RKM.

Qty 1 x brand new/unused RKM 22in pneumatic hopper to suit, with 35in x 15in floating weight..

This body/hopper set will fit on a standard 11D unidrive mixer base and has the same rotor centres 22.25in (565.5mm)


ManufacturerAPV Mitchel
Model11DX copy type
Stock Number128058959