Machinery Wanted

Surplus Machinery and Processing Equipment Always Wanted

We are always looking to purchase machinery for our stock. We can offer various arrangements to suit your needs; whether liquidating a whole factory, a complete line, or just some accumulated idle machinery or processing equipment.

Plan A - Bank transfer and we take it away:

We agree on a price to buy for our stock, transfer you the money and then have our skilled engineers remove the equipment.

Plan B - Commission sale:

We evaluate the equipment, appraise the anticipated sales price, advertise and sell on your behalf at an agreed commission. The customer arranges the removal and relocation of the equipment from your premises (with our assistance if required).

Plan C - Consignment sale:

We fix a price for the equipment, sell it directly from your premises or take it for cleaning and storage in our warehouse. We then advertise and sell it based on the agreed fixed price.

We are very flexible and can work with any of the above options, or create a special arrangement to better suit your needs. Either telephone us directly or fill in the short form below.