Bainite Model BM40 TX 40L Mixer

Bainite Model BM40 TX 40L Mixer

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NEW Bainite Model BM40 TX:

• Net chamber volume: 40 litre

• Batch weight: Approx 34.5kgs (Based on 0.75FF and 1.15SG)

• Rotor speed: 4 – 40 rpm

• Rotor type: Two wing tangential type

• Rotor bearings: SKF spherical roller type 

• Drilled sides: Peripherally drilled chamber sides for effective temperature control

• One (1) Single acting pneumatically operated oil injector as standard

• Dust seals: SSA (self-sealing arrangement with Stellite working faces)

• Dust stop lubrication: MICO Bosch injection system delivering lubrication oil for the dust 

rings and process oil to provide a seal for the dust ring. All lubrication points are monitored through the PLC control. Flow rate (pump speed) is controlled via VFD

• Machine lubrication: Graco Modiflo automatic hydraulic greasing system to provide grease to latch hinge, clevis mechanisms, main bearings, hopper slides and drop door shaft.

• Discharge door: Hydraulic drop door (drilled design for efficient heat transfer with (1) J type thermocouple mounted), with linear actuator and spade latch mechanism.

• Thermocouple: fitted in end frame or door top

• Feed Hopper Assembly: Energy saving, hydraulically operated with Ram position indicator and proportional pressure control. Programmable features for the mid cycle holding 

position for reduced cycle time.

• Floating weight: single ‘V’ bottom type

• Bedplate: Fabricated steel bedplate for mixer body

• Gearbox: Semi-unidrive type with S.F. 2.25

• Motor: TEC Electric (UK) 110kW, 1000rpm AC forced vent motor, 3ph, 50Hz, 380/400V

• Ancillaries: Dust stop lubrication, hydraulic pump unit 

Electrical Controls: Variable frequency drive (VFD) controls suitable for 110kW AC 

motor with line choke and RFI filters (Invertek make or similar).

• Manual/automatic mixer operator control panel: With Siemens S7-1200 PLC (or similar) 

with EXOR HMI for manual/automatic mixing with recipe management (step sequence)


ManufacturerBainite Model BM40 TX 40L Mixer
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