2017 Goodyear 88in x 48in Rotocure

2017 Goodyear 88in x 48in Rotocure

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Rotocure Machine Make: Goodyear (USA) Type: 88X48 Main drum size - 2220mm wide x 1220mm dia. Auxiliary drums - 2200mm wide x 915mm dia. Steam heated. Hydraulic rams 150mm dia x 300mm stroke, Cleveland 62:1 gearbox, Variac variable speed box, Phosphur bronze sleeve bearings are integral in the drums. The machine has had the following refurbishment work carried out: ·       Full disassembly of all parts, pulling of all axis from rolls;  ·       Physical inspection of all parts ·       Full cleaning, sandblasting of all parts  ·       Checking and repair of frames and base  ·       Checking, measuring of bushes. ·       Grind out and repair damage to main drum and Chrome plate ·       Replace guards to gear wheels ·       Checking and repair of 4 bronze bushes to new tolerance;  ·       Repair/completion of all seals of steam heating rolls ·       Design, fabrication and install of new hydraulic system;  ·       Design, fabrication and install of new electric controls; ·       Deliver and install of new AC 7,5 Kw motor  ·       Revision and repair of 2 pieces main drive gearboxes;  ·       Revision and repair of 3 pieces worm/gear drives (one of main drive, 2 of top and bottom stretch rolls); ·       Revision of prop shaft and couplings;  ·       Repair of 2 pieces hydraulic cylinders – new seals, grinding and ·       Polishing of surfaces, hard chrome plating;  ·       Install of new steam connecting fits;  ·       Deliver and install of new automatic lubrication system (Lincoln/Graco);  ·       General repairs of parts  ·       General assembling and testing  ·       Disassembling and preparing for loading and Containerising;  ·       Supplying and installing of 1 piece new 304L grade stainless steel ‘low strength’ belt W = 2000 mm, L = 15000 mm, thickness – 1,5 mm; welded#. **Note: This belt is only suitable for set up/trials basis and is not a permanent solution.


Model88in x 48in Rotocure
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